Monday, April 4, 2011

Book Series!

I loooove to read series. I get so attached to the characters and the world the author creates(if she does it well), it's almost like revisiting friends every time I read a new book in the series or re-read old favorites. I'd say maybe 90% of the books I read are part of a set. In particular, I read urban fantasy books..some refer to them as paranormal or supernatural or even sci-fi, some may even be classified as PNR(paranormal romance). Gosh, I have read sooooo many!! Some of my favorites are:

....the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, the Georgina Kincaid series by Richelle Mead, Rachel Morgan by Kim Harrison, the Sookie books by Charlaine Harris, and the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. I'd highly reccommend any of these!! Richelle Mead, for one, I think can do no wrong..she has 3 book series that I adore...the Kincaid series pictured above, the Dark Swan books, and my very favorite YA series(I usually don't like much YA)---Vampire Academy:
Anyone else read urban fantasy and would like to reccommend a series? Others I have read and liked---Queen Betsy, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Urban Werewolf, the dragon books by Katie MacAllister....I would love to try out some new things!


Kyrsten said...

A few a my friends read the Anita Blake siers, I could not get into it - usually my thing. I am starting Fallen right now - I have two books - not sure if there is more...

Dream Big Designs said...

You are my kinda gal!!!! I love the exact same kinda series. Most of the ones you talked about I have read. Here are my favs in no particular order.
House of Night Series
The Mortal Instruments Series
Hush Hush Series
Fallen Series
The Heir Chronicles
And I am sure you have read The Hunger Games?
Happy reading!

Designs by Helly said...

Kyrsten, I can't believe I forgot the Anita Blake series! Up to about book 10, they are brilliant! After that..well, not so much. ;D I have heard of Fallen, I love the covers on those books, don't you? I will definitely check those out.

Cheri! You've named a fe that I've heard of but I haven't really looked into. I do remember the Hush Hush cover(what is it with me and covers? =O) and have thought about picking it up. Someone else recommended the Mortal Instruments series, and seemed to like it as well. The Heir Chronicles...that sounds familiar, I will have to look that one up. And we have the first book of The Hunger Games..well, my daughter does, she couldn't get into it but I have heard soooo many people say they love it!

Thanks so much ladies, keep 'em coming! I love to read and it's getting so sad because some of my favorite series have either ended or will be ending soon. =(