Friday, January 20, 2012

.::Don't Forget Me::.

Hey guys!! Did you miss me?? o.O
I know I've been super duper quiet for the last few weeks! My hard drive decided it wanted to go kablooey, so I had to get another one and get back in the groove again. But I'm back now and with a new release! Yay!

"Sometimes people slip through your fingers like sands in an hourglass, impossible to hold on to."

We've all had that one person that we've met at some point in our lives, maybe romantically or a friend, that captured our heart with the simplest of effort. This kit is for the special people, the ones we've lost and the ones we couldn't hold on to.

Don't Forget Me..on sale @ 20% off this weekend

Aren't those pages positively stunning??? My CT really did an amazing job on this kit(as they do every kit, <3).

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