Friday, April 27, 2012

.::New Store, Sale + New Kit!!::.

Hello guys!!
I've got some big news for this week! I have opened a second store at Mscraps and to celebrate, I am having a 35% off sale! This sale will be going on at bothMscraps and Scrapbook-Bytes and it will last until April 30th.

I also have a new kit this week, one that is very special to my heart. One day, a few weeks ago, I was sitting and talking to my daughter about something that happened at school that day. And all of a sudden it hit me...I had better treasure these little moments because someday really soon, when she is off building her life...I'm going to miss them. The smallest of things...the "Mama, where is ----", the click, click of the computer one wall over from me, the way she only uses one particular cup in the morning...these are the things I'm going to miss. So, Let You Go was born out of the love I have for my daughter and the very real fear of letting her go.

Mscraps Scrapbook-Bytes

There were really so many touching, heartfelt layouts from my team and the Mscraps team..these are just a few:

Layouts by Becca, vanilladesignz and marnel

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