Monday, September 24, 2012

.::New Facebook Freebie...One October Morning::.

There's a new exclusive freebie up for Facebook fans. If you are not already a fan, just click "Like" and then the exclusive star.


Fan Wall


Dawn said...

How beautfiul - thank you very much!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much, I just discovered your totally, amazing and awesome designs. I am sorry if I have upped your bandwith today - I was busy downloading the freebies. I will be taking a good look in your store soon. Again thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Just cruising around the blog and saw this. I am really wishing I didn't miss this facebook freebie, gorgeous!!
I must go to your store next!
Kristine :)

Designs by Helly said...

Thank you ladies! Kristine, I may bundle all of the missed Facebook freebies soon!

Anonymous said...

This is my favourite freebie of all time from all designers. I have been able to use all these elements on quite a few different types of layouts. Just love it so much. cheers Kamala

Designs by Helly said...

That's wonderful, Kamala! I"m glad you were able to get so much use out of it!